A settlement of villas in the Istrian town of Ližnjan, in a picturesque landscape which has been an inspiration to painters and artists for centuries, is a part of the vision which has slowly been realised during years. The idea according to which the settlement for life and relaxation in the intact nature and anthropogenic landscape has become a reality is now available to interested investors. They, our future clients, besides guaranteed profitability of investment in the highest-quality real estate on the market, now have the chance to become a part of the cultural and financial elite situated in the indigenous Mediterranean climate not far from a stone coast with small sandy bays.

But that is not all, since the concept which offers large gardens with pools and traditional architecture of the sunny Istrian region has been conceived as completely original. Instead of scattered secluded villas, without the option of socialization of their residents or tourists who occasionally use them, our initial idea was the organisation of elite and luxurious villas within a new settlement inspired by the tradition of Istrian region. Such concept opens new possibilities of contemporary use of the villas, so, even though they are completely intimate and isolated with their gardens and pools, sunny terraces and bowers, by arranging them in a unique and harmonious urbane ensemble we discover some psychological-social models in our approach and our engagement regarding social conditionality of a pleasant holiday and life. And this is the key factor, the inevitable binding component of happiness, which only we can offer today, along with the sun, the sea and preserved landscape in the immediate surroundings. This is what cannot be paid with money and what takes our concept beyond the limits of the market which were set by the competition and current demand for real estate in the Mediterranean.








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